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    TRAXXAS X-Maxx 8S 4WD


    TRAXXAS X-Maxx 8S

    Risavaxinn, óstöðvandi 4x4 kraftur og margverðlaunuð hönnun gerir X-Maxx að hinum eina sanna tröllatrukk! Með extreme 8s LiPo afli þá storkar X-Maxx öllu sem þykir eðlilegt. Gríðarleg hröðun og hámarkshraði yfir 80 km klst ásamt því að geta tekist á við hinar erfiðustu aðstæður gerir X-Maxx að skilgreiningunni af TRAXXAS hörku!

    X-MAXX 8s Features:

    • Velineon VXL-8s Brushless Power System with VXL-8s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control & Velineon 1200XL Brushless Motor
    • 80+ KPH with Two 4s LiPo Batteries and Included Optional Spur Gear
    • Traxxas Stability Management - Helps prevents spinouts and loss of control
    • TQi™ 2.4GHz High Output Radio System
    • New Body Mount System

    Truck Specs:
    • Length: 779 mm
    • Front Track: 540 mm
    • Rear Track: 525 mm
    • Ground Clearance: 102 mm
    • Weight: 8.66 kg
    • Height (ride): 350 mm
    • Wheelbase: 480 mm
    • Shock Length: 187 mm
    • Tires (pre-glued): W101 x D203 mm
    • Wheels: 110 x 145 mm
    • Speed Control: Velineon VXL-8s
    • Motor (electric): Velineon 1200XL
    • Transmission: Single-Speed
    • Overall Drive Ratio: 8.11 (stock, out-of-box)
    • Differential Type: Sealed, Hardened Steel Bevel, Limited Slip
    • Gear Pitch: 1.0-Pitch
    • Chassis Structure/Material: Composite Nylon Tub
    • Brake Type: Electronic
    • Drive System: Shaft-Driven 4WD
    • Steering: Bellcrank
    • Radio System: TQi™ 2.4GHz Transmitter with TSM receiver™
    • Servo: Torque: 365oz - Speed: 0.17 sec/ 60 degrees (6.0V)
    • Top Speed: 80+ KMH with two 4s LiPo batteries and optional pinion gear
    • Skill Level: 6
    • Battery Tray: 197 x 51.5 x 44 mm
    • Required: 4 “AA” (transmitter), 2x 4S LiPos with iD & EZ-Peak Live Charger

    Motor Specs:
    • Type: 1275 kv Sensorless Brushless
    • Weight: 665 g
    • Length: 110 mm
    • Diameter: 48 mm
    • Connector Type: Traxxas 6.5 mm Bullet Connectors

    ESC Specs:
    • Input Voltage: 4s – 8s LiPo (Max 33.6 Volts)
    • Case Size: 58 x 72 x 46 mm
    • Weight: 161.4 g
    • Motor Connectors: Traxxas 6.5 mm Bullet Connectors
    • Battery Connectors: Traxxas High-Current Connectors with iD™
    • Power Wire: 10-gauge Maxx Cable

    What’s In The Box:
    • X-Maxx, Ready-To-Race® model with Traxxas Big Block™ brushless motor
    • VXL-8s waterproof electronic speed control
    • Quick Start Guide
    • TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system
    • High quality maintenance tools

    Ekki innifalið:
    • Batteries: IMPORTANT: X-Maxx requires the use of LiPo batteries equipped with Traxxas High Current Connectors. Traxxas 4-Cell, 6700 mAh or greater, Power Cell LiPo batteries with iD are recommended (part #2890X).
    • LiPo Balance Charger with iD™: Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 4s-capable charger is recommended for easy and fast charging performance (model #2971).
    • AA Alkaline Batteries: Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter

    Handbók pdf.

    Varahlutalisti pdf.