TRAXXAS Suspension kit, WideMaxx™, black


                           WIDE MAXX KIT


Suspension kit, WideMaxx™, black (includes front & rear suspension arms, front toe links, rear shock springs & extended outer half-shafts)  

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Orange Maxx with WideMaxx Kit (#8995T)


Ultimate Handling for Extreme Performance

The Traxxas Maxx offers more power than ever before into a 1/10 scale monster truck platform. To take things up another level, the Traxxas WideMaxx kit extends the track width by 20 mm per side, allowing you to bury the throttle in the turns, soak up even more extreme terrain, and come out the other side ready for more.


WideMaxx kit (#8995)

The WideMaxx kit consists of extended versions of the Maxx’s extreme-duty cold-weather suspension arms, available in 6 total colors to allow you to customize your truck to your style. Additionally, new springs are included for the rear of the truck to dial in the suspension settings, while the original rear springs move to the front for optimum balance and performance. Finally, a set of wider toe links for the front and extended driveshafts for all four wheels finish out the new widened stance.


WideMaxx width comparison