TRAXXAS Servo 2075 Digital BB Sealed


Traxxas 2075 - Waterproof Digital Servo

The 2075 digital high-torque, ball bearing servo provides precise control, quick responses, and outstanding torque with a waterproof case for worry-free driving in water, mud, and snow. Powerful enough for any application with 125 oz-in torque and 0.16-second speed.

2075 digital high-torque

Waterproof Digital Servo

• 125 oz-in torque
• Transit time 0.17 sec/60°

  • Ball Bearing
  • Digital High-torque
  • Power: 125 oz-in (9kg/cm)
  • Transit Time: 0.17 sec/60°
  • Size: L=55mm, H= 42.75mm, W=21.5mm