MUC-OFF eBike All-Weather Lube - 250ml


MUC-OFF eBike All-Weather Lube - 250ml

Our eBike All-Weather Chain Lube is a high-performance synthetic chain lube specifically designed for the hi-torque loads applied to an eBike chain. Our unique water repellent, non-fling formula penetrates deep into the chain link, to create a durable protective coating which guards against corrosion and metal to metal wear. A unique blend of extreme pressure additives ensures the lube can stand up to even the most powerful e-bike drivetrains. Our formula will provide lubrication for long distance, on & off-road riding in all conditions under high torque loads. Unrivalled lube intervals will give you maximum protection over long distances.


  • Specifically formulated for eBike chains
  • For long-distance all-weather on/off-road riding
  • High-performance synthetic formulation for maximum protection 


  1. Fully degrease and dry chain.
  2. Shake can vigorously and apply lube ensuring every part of the chain is treated.
  3. Re-apply to ensure maximum protection.
  4. Avoid contact with brakes.
  5. Store in a cool dry place.