Champion Firebird



Champion Firebird

*ATH - Litur á disk/letri getur verið frábrugðin myndum*

Firebird is the most popular headwind driver of Innova. Its speed and overstability enable throwing reliably even in headwind. Firebird is also well suitable for long S-curve shots. The disc is popular among players throwing forehand and upside down.

Speed: 9, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 4.


Our Champion line is produced with a hi-tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and durability. Champion discs are distinguished by a beautiful clear apppearance. Designed for professional players, Champion line discs are usually a little firmer and more stable than the same model in other plastics. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, our Champion line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic. Most Champion line discs are available for custom hot stamping.