Bliz Dust



COLOR: Metallic Silver
LENS: Smoke

Tougher and lighter, with an attitude that won’t quit. Dust is the model that you can trust with your life. A light weight nylon lens gives you fantastic optical quality, and the super durable stainless frame seals the deal with its awesome look. On top of all this, friction rubber temples and nose piece keep them on you like glue. With Dust, you are ready for whatever.

General properties

Do you want something that’s both light weight and tough, with looks to match? Dust is what you need. This model features a solid nylon lens that combines optical clarity with unmatched durability. It all comes together perfectly with the frame, made from scratch resistant and stainless steel.

Lens properties

Dust features a solid nylon lens. Nylon - is that a material we make lenses from? Why yes, indeed it is! Nylon lenses are lighter than polycarbonate and glass lenses, extremely flexible, impact resistant, and feature vastly better optical quality than its competitors. Besides all this, nylon lenses are also BPA-free and has a lower environmental footprint.


The stainless steel frame isn’t just great looking, it’s also scratch resistant, light and extremely durable. Not that far from a titanium frame – but with a nicer price tag!

Adjustment possibilities

Dust can be adjusted in two unique modes – on your face, or off your face. That’s basically all you need. But! When you wear them (which will be pretty much all the time) you can enjoy a comfortable, tight fit with the friction rubber temples and nose piece.