NKX Double Ramp



NKX Double Ramp is a CE-approved ramp suitable for all scooters, skateboards, roller skates and mini-BMX riders looking for an easily movable ramp. The ramp is especially suitable for beginners who wish to learn basic ramp tricks.

NKX Double Ramp is thoroughly tested and consists of 100% high quality polypropylene. It has a maximum load of 100 kg and is non-slip - you can choose whether to fasten it to the ground or not. The ramp is available in 2 different sizes and it is possible to put together several ramps of the same length to get a wider ramp. In addition, a simple ramp without the red bridges can also be used as a kicker ramp.

NKX Double Ramp is an all-round ramp to take your skateboard or scooter tricks to the next level and practice them on a ramp.