NKX Deluxe Single Ramp



NKX Deluxe Single Ramp is a CE-approved light and stable movable ramp. The ramp is particularly suitable for beginners, can also be used by advanced riders looking for a smaller, transportable launch ramp.

With a height of 26 cm / 10.2 inches you can practice a lot of jumping on scooters, skateboards, mini-BMX, roller skates and possibly also snowboarding! The ramp has been thoroughly tested and is made of 100% reinforced PVC plastic. It has a maximum load of 100 kg and is non-slip - you can choose whether you want to fasten it to the ground or move it. You can also choose to combine it with other single ramps in order to get a wider ramp.

Deluxe Single Ramp is the small NKX kicker ramp in durable quality and classic design, that can be used as an extra piece of equipment for your skate-sport, with the potential to become the cornerstone of your very own home-skatepark!