Atomic CLOUD C9 - Svört



CLOUD C9 + M 10 GW

The best-selling Cloud C9 ski balances Atomic performance with a touch of forgiveness, giving you a sweet skiing experience without demanding too much in return.


Atomic Cloud C9 is the little black dress of the Cloud piste range – elegant, flattering, and always right wherever you wear it. Cloud C 9’s combination of style and substance has made it one of the world’s best-selling piste skis for women. This model also features Servotec Light on top, giving you extra stability in the turns and an effortless glide on the piste.


Servotec light

Servotec top groove combined with elastomer inlay for great vibration damping and running stability.

Light Woodcore

Poplar wood core optimizing the ski's weight without sacrificing any shock absorption or stability. 

Densolite Core 

A foam core that's agile and dampens vibrations - for effortless skiing. 

TI Stabilizer 

One Titanal layer under the core for great shock absorption and torsional flex

Full Sidewall 

Full sidewall runs across the full length of the ski for precise steering. 


Structured Topsheet

A structured topsheet massively increases durability and gives a high quality finish.

Piste Rocker 10/90/0

Camber for precise edge grip, with slight early rise in the tip for turn initiation and stability.

Side Edge Angle: 87°

A side edge angle of 87° for more intuitive handling, easier skiing and better grip. 

Base Edge Angle: 1.0°

This ski features a 1.0° base edge angle for easy turning, edge grip and tracking through the turn.


Length (cm) 143 150 157 164
Radius (m) 13.5 14.1 14.7 15.3
Sidecut Tail (mm) 95.5 97.5 99.5 101.5
Sidecut Tip (mm) 109 111 113 115
Sidecut Waist (mm) 73 73 73 73